Introducing the

360 Revolution

Our newest product offers your clients the next level photo booth. It offers a 360degree immersive experience for your guests to enjoy.  The video


360 Revolution

What is the 360 Revolution?

Our newest product offers your clients a next level photo booth offer a 360degree immersive experience for your guests to enjoy.  It offers you the chance for fully customised, sharing-ready video clips to be produced to promote your brand on social media in a fun way.

The platform can be fully branded and the output video can include video effects and  music – all produced on the spot ready for your guests to share.

It is ideal for any brand looking for an different and interactive activation.

The only limit is your imagination -think confetti cannons, smoke, glitter, ticker tape, lighting, props…….

How does the
360 Revolution Work?

Guests hop on to the platform (fully branded, of course) and the camera rotates around them as the dance, shimmy and move, recording their every move.
They can be as creative as they like and themed props can be provided to.  We can event provide a fully branded circular backdrop for additional branding.

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The 360 Revolution Image Gallery

The 360 Revolution Image Gallery

Lets See the 360 Revolution In Action

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